Where did all that money go?

by Holly Thomas

Well… I never did write those blogs. The days were too long and too exhausting to form blog posts that explained things as they really were. I hope to give you a clearer idea of what those 3.5 months were like in the 3 camps I served through photos, short blogs in hindsight and re-posting the weekly updates I wrote on Facebook for a short period. I now know a better way of doing it would have been through short videos of me talking to the camera. I’ll remember that for next time!

The money you generously donated was spent accordingly:

  • £800, NEA Kavala camp, underwear or food

This money is currently with the Drop in the Ocean co-ordinator in northern Greece who works at NEA Kavala camp (The camp I was stationed at for most of my time). The money will be spent on either underwear (always needed) or food for the market. The reason the money hasn’t been spent yet is because when volunteers come they often bring donation money and they want to see it being spent during their stay. Luckily we always had volunteers with donations and so we did our best to get their money spent on the most necessary items and allow them to enjoy seeing the distribution of their donations. This means my donation money is still in wait to be spent shortly. I’ll get photos sent of the goods that are bought and I’ll share them with you all.



  • €500, Camp Sounio, lentils

My friend Mohammed will be distributing these in Camp Sounio tomorrow allowing residents to cook for themselves rather than eat the nasty, nutrition -less food the military provide. I’ll post the photos Mohammed sends me of the distribution.


  • €60, Camp Sounio, 1 baby stroller (pram)

We were one baby stroller short in a distribution. Baby strollers get worn out very easily due to the rough gravel surface within the camp and due to children playing with them- you can’t blame them really as there’s not much else to do!


  • €75, car hire to assist in a distribution of food in camp Sounio

After I finished my time as a co-ordinator I went back to Athens and visited Camp Sounio for the day (the first camp I was stationed at). I hired a car so that my friend Mohammed could buy and transport fava beans for the camp. These beans had been bought with another volunteer’s money and filled the car up. Far too much to take on the bus!


  • €120, Camp Sounio, Boys underwear

When I first arrived in Sounio there was absolutely no underwear for small boys. I bought various sizes and residents snapped them up in distribution very quickly.


  • €264, NEA Kavala & Cherso camp, 44 x Sweatpants

Sweatpants are worn a lot in camp. They’re comfy, you can wear leggings under them to keep warm, and they’re easy to wash, so it makes sense. Sweatpants also aren’t something that people seem to donate and so we were constantly in short supply or had non at all.